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In today’s digital age, cyber security has become crucial for big players and small startups alike. Today, the stakes are higher than ever. Gradually but surely, technology has gone well beyond being a supplement to a company’s core operations, and in the assets living on their network are their core operations. Add to this the increasing instances of hacking, mobile usage and internet of things, as well as the growing ecosystem of cybercriminals, and you have a situation that to be tackled comprehensively and consistently.

Cyber security is constantly evolving. Both sides-the attackers and the defenders are in constant innovation.The biggest challenge for cyber security organizations inside companies large and small results from two megatrends.

Cyber security Challenge

Developing innovative and futuristic software is but half the story. The other half is: building opacity against intrusion. The challenges are many. First up, there are the requirements of e-commerce. With the internet emerging as the top ranking channel allowing businesses to reach out to customers, 24 x7, the services need to be safe and confidential. Ditto with health care where buying and selling prescription drugs as well medical equipment is booming online. Similarly, IoT-enabled devices exchange data with each other through the internet, helping businesses to operate smoothly. Then there are those multiple SAAS platforms that allow brands to launch and scale an ecommerce business at less cost. The hugely popular aggregator model that collects or aggregates information on goods and services on a single platform has security issues too.


To serve as a one-stop solution provider for all your security needs-from defenses of the platform, OS, support infrastructure to software and hardware dependencies, so application developers and ISV companies can be free to focus on what they do best-build sophisticated software and cutting edge-technologies.

To assure customers with large IT infrastructure of secure deployment of disparate products, so they can concentrate on simply providing outstanding service to their customers without having to worry about the next attack exploiting yet another vulnerability in any of their software products.

To educate the customer on the due processes and protocols required to

Why Choose Us

  • Founded by experts with 15+ years of cybersecurity experience.
  • Web, mobile and enterprise application security from compliance to code review.
  • 20+ Delighted customers.
  • Comprehensive IT and software security assurance.

What You Get

  • Adequate preparation and awareness, as well as evidences for demonstration of comprehensive security of your software product/services.
  • Assistance for fixing your security and privacy issues.
  • Continued support for on-going security assurance.

Meet The Team

Mahesh Saptarshi

Co-Founder, Managing Director

"There is no such thing as partial security. Your score is either a zero or a hundred..nothing in between."

Mahesh has spent 15 years in software security, and conducted more than ...

50 application pen-tests. He performs security code review in variety of programming languages - C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, ObjC, Swift. His current interest is in identifying application patterns to discover backdoor inserted by the software publishers - including in embedded systems. He is always up for a discussion on anything related to software security.

Suhas Kulkarni

Co-Founder, Director Business Development

"For a communication to make a connection, it must address the core question. For a solution to make a resolution, it must answer the core question."


For all your software product security and IT security compliance requirements

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